Author Unknown

Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when He could do something about it. But I'm afraid God might ask me the same question.

Mother Teresa

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."

Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Stocking" up for next year :)


Now...we just have to figure out what names to put on the two new ones!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Christmas present ever!!

Since we have received our referrals, I am amazed at the generosity and love that people have shown for us and our two little ones in Ethiopia!! I have to brag about a special gift because it was so overwhelming and came from such big hearts. I was told to hold it to Christmas, but I was about to burst at the seams trying to keep this secret!

I was talking to some co-workers the other day and they asked if my thirteen year old daughter would be able to go to Ethiopia with us. I told them she has been begging to go. She wants to give them hugs and kisses so bad and would love to be there on the trip home. But, money has been pretty tight lately and we didn't think we could swing another ticket.

A few hours later, my two bosses asked me into their office. They said they had a special gift for Adrian. It was a certificate for one round trip ticket to Ethiopia!!! I tried not to cry, but I knew how much this would mean to her. This is such an overwhelming gift and I hope they can see how much this means to our family. Thank you SOOOOOO much!

Here is a video of her opening the present. I didn't get it all...she spent a long time afterwards asking a million questions. Mainly, she couldn't believe they would give her such an incredible meet her brother and sister and be able to experience their homeland. I hope she remembers every minute of it and will be able to tell them stories over and over.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Referrals!!!

As I look back over my blog, I realize it has been five weeks since I posted last. I admit that I was going through some adoption depression. On the baby girl list, we had taken one step forward and one step back. Basically, we were in the same spot for nine months. I was really started to get scared that something was wrong and our dream of adopting was fluttering away....

And then IT happened!!!! I absolutely cannot express this HUGE swelling in my heart and the uncontrollable crying and laughing and smiling. How in the world can somebody fall in love with two pictures and be this madly in love with them??

It was a Wednesday when we received the call. This is our busy season at work, so we were trying to keep up with the CRAZINESS. My phone rang, and the world STOPPED. It really felt like everything went to slow motion and things that were top priority two minutes ago had slipped out of my mind. My new coordinator said, "Are you ready for your referral?" I shakily stood up and found my way out of our high security office. I went up the stairwell to a hall where we could have a little more privacy. Honestly, I remember hearing her name and how old she was. After that, it was all pretty much a blur. I was shaking, trying not to cry, pacing up and down the hall, and trying to pay attention. It was finally happening!!

I do remember asking her if we can now see the file of one of the waiting boys. I have been begging for quite some time. There was one in particular that had caught my eye and I really wanted to learn more about him. He has the sweetest smile and playful eyes. I have been adoring him for many months and dreaming of wrapping my arms around him. I had fallen in love with his picture, and it was almost a done deal even before we saw his file :)

She said she would send me the files of both the three month old baby girl and the four year old boy! I ran back downstairs to my computer and waited....and waited. Something was wrong with my e-mail and I didn't receive all the files. Baby girl's file would not come through and that had to be the longest thirty minutes ever!! I realized IAN would be closing soon and panic took over!! I had to see her picture and couldn't wait another day! I e-mailed, and I called and I e-mailed again. I was desperate. My coordinator stayed late and made sure I received the file. Oh!! She is precious!!! I can't get over how perfect she is. Beautiful eyes, angelic smile, and the cutest little lips. It was amazing how you just know. You know that you just saw the picture of two kids that will be part of your life forever.

I know these children are on another continent and probably don't even know we exist yet. They have no idea the love that is waiting for them from our family and friends. I am already amazed at the generosity of people that want to help us get these kids home. Again, thank you to all the people that have travelled this journey with us so far. It has been a long wait, but totally worth it!! Next step - get a court date.

Until then...I can't get this smile off my face :)